A green oasis between
Cesenatico and Cervia

The Sacchini, a stone's throw from the sea and the pine forest, are just a few minutes by car or bicycle from two of the most beautiful seaside villages in Romagna. Cervia and Cesenatico offer seascapes with fine sand and shallow waters, perfect for the pleasant bathing of adults and children. The green of the dense pine forest borders on the sea and offers the perfect setting for a pleasant bathing experience for both adults and children.


Less than 3 km from the Sacchini Hotels, lies the wonderful canal port of Cesenatico.

A seaside town on a human scale, the rhythms of the fishermen still mark the day along the canal.

The old town centre spreads out along the canal port, and along its streets you can see low, colourful houses, shops with the flavour of the past, and craft markets. The piazza delle conserve, the alleys and cobbled streets along the canal are home to a myriad of small fish restaurants. Places of historical and cultural interest include the Maritime Museum with its ancient sails and the house of the poet Marino Moretti. The walk to the two lighthouses along the quay is exciting.

EVENTS: Easter Sails, Nove Colli (Nine Hills), Whitsun Fair, Notturni alle Conserve (Night at the Preserves), Dawn Concerts, Notte Rosa (Pink Night), Garibaldi Festival, Cuccagna (Cockaigne), Grande rustida (Great Rustication), Fish Festival, Maritime Crib.


Cervia is a pretty town on the Adriatic Sea about 6 kilometres from Zadina.

Its origins are in ancient times linked to the cultivation of salt.

Salt processing, which continues to this day. A protected natural oasis since 1979, the Parco delle Saline di Cervia is part of the southern area of the Parco Regionale del Delta del Po, which is even suitable for birdwatching.

Trendy clubs, pubs, restaurants and discos are concentrated in the ancient village of Cervia and in the elegant centre of the nearby Milano Marittima.
EVENTS: Marriage of the Sea, Aquiloni Festival, Cervia Garden City, Pink Night, VIP Master tennis, Sagra Sapore di Sale (Taste of Salt Festival)